About Us


  • Is a mobile social networking app, which allows users to make friends and connect in real-time with like-minded people around them.

    Efizy mobile application uses the latest in geo-location technology, this enables a users to set a specific radius distance to meet other users on the app. Efizy allows the user to anonymously like or dislike a profile based on a swipe gesture.

Efizy opens a world of possibilities

  • Efizy presents the user with a platform to make any connection, whether it is friendship, business or romance

How does Efizy work?

  • Download Efizy from the app store and launch it.

  • Efizy signs you up through your Facebook account and loads your initial profile photo, interest and friends from Facebook.

  • Efizy shows you other users in your immediate vicinity. Lets you anonymously like or dislike a profile based on a swipe gesture. A profile swipe to the left means “no thanks” and one to the right means “yes, please”.

  • Two people who swipe each other to the right will have their profiles “match”, and can begin chatting.


  • This feature allows the user to share experiences with matched friends in real time.

Moments “Check in” feature.

  • This feature, which is available at Efizy events, gives the user a real time interactive experience. The user once “checked in” through the moment feature at an event can see other checked in users. The Moment -checked in space is a communal space where all checked in users can communicate in real time via chat, video and pictures.

User’s quote:

  • “The more I used it, the more I considered how much it would have helped me different times in my life i.e. to make friends in University, to meet people when I moved to a new city for work. I feel like I can never be isolated again.”

  • “One of the things I have liked about the app is you can communicate through text, audio recording and also send videos and images, but don't have to give out your number.”

  • “For people that say go to a bar or a lounge, this app is far cooler than that – And by the way it would have to be the right bar, under right circumstances, to meet the right person. The beauty of the app is that it expands your potential to meet cool people beyond, where you are physically present at a given moment”.

  • “I noticed that no matter how good-looking or terrible you look, you feel more comfortable approaching someone if you know they want you to approach them”

  • “Efizy application gives one more information and insight to make a snap judgment than meeting someone in real life.”

  • “Efizy app allows you to know you are wanted and someone else finds you desirable”.

  • “Efizy provides all the information one needs to make an informed decision”.